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Boiler Repair

Quality Boiler Repair that Won't Break the Bank

Boiler problems can take many different forms and can grow from insignificant to deadly serious in short order if they're not dealt with promptly and effectively. MSC Heating are one of the UK's foremost gas boiler installation, maintenance and repair companies with full nationwide reach and a dedicated staff of engineers and technicians. They've seen it all and are ready to handle any boiler-related issue. If you suspect a problem with your gas boiler don't hesitate: call MSC Heating.

MSC Heating: The Boiler Repair Experts

If your boiler has broken down or if it's acting in a way that seems out of the ordinary, it's time to call in the boiler repair experts from MSC Heating. They'll diagnose the problem quickly and correctly and institute prompt, effective, long-lasting repairs.

Give MSC Heating a call if:

You've Lost Heat and Hot Water

This is an easy problem to spot because it's obvious as soon as you turn on the tap or touch the radiator. If your gas boiler is not doing it's job there could be any number of reasons including low water pressure, frozen condensate pipes, problems with the fuel feed, a faulty thermostat and more.

Your Boiler is Making Strange Sounds

Banging sounds from your boiler are called “kettling” and are usually due to the heat exchanger becoming scaled with lime or corrosion. The heat exchanger is a key component of your boiler system. If it cracks, deadly carbon monoxide could leak into your home. If you experience kettling call MSC Heating immediately.

The Flame in Your Boiler Has Changed Colour

This problem could have any one of a number of causes including faulty air shutters, over gassing, insufficient gas pressure or insufficient air supply for combustion among them. The repair technicians from MSC Heating will examine the problem from all sides to make sure a proper diagnosis is made.

Your Boiler is Burning More Gas than Normal

The problem could be something as simple as colder weather. Or perhaps you recently had your radiators cleaned out and now they're conducting heat more effectively. It could also be something more serious like a gas leak. The gas boiler repair experts from MSC Heating will get to the bottom of it.

Your Boiler Pressure Keeps Dropping

This could be the result of a leak or a problem with the pressure vessel. A Gas Safe certified technician from MSC Heating will have many ways to determine what might be causing this particular problem and will know exactly how to rectify it once the proper diagnosis has been made.

MSC Heating are ready to respond to whatever type of boiler repair you may need. Our legions of satisfied customers are testament to the quality of our work and the reliability of our field technicians. If you're experiencing any of the above problems don't hesitate to call us on 0345 496 7041. We'll be there in short order and make sure your problem is not allowed to fester and cause long term damage to your unit.