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Customer Testimonials

I write to confirm that the Hopper for the Biomass System has now been installed, and everything is now up and running. The manufacturers, when they came to see system, said that the installation was of the highest order and excellent workmanship. Most importantly, my application for the Green Energy Renewable Heat Incentive Grant Payments has been approved, just as you said that it would. There were no hiccups, a few days delay, but they told me that this was due to high demand. You can tell any prospective clients that the RHI people told me that as long as there is a green energy survey in place, the installation carried out by a Certified Installer such as yourselves, using a certified Boiler product with a certification code, and a commission certificate issued, then it will be approved. They said that they had never known one be refused. My wife says that the house has never been so warm! My manu thanks for a good job well done!

Mr Hamer Cheshire

Heat and Save Ltd, the manufacturer of EKO Warrior air source heat pumps, spoke highly of MSC Heating in response to my enquiry as a company that had the least post-sales issues due to their excellent quality of installation and attention to detail. In addition to the air source heat pump system, we had a 6kW Solar PV system installed by MSC Heating at the same time. The complete purchasing process was not stressful. It was clearly of a very high standard, with understandable documentation and helpful explanations of the technical detail. MSC Heating designed, verified, procured, installed and tested both systems efficiently and delivered as promised. The company also provided support by assisting in the Renewable Heat Incentive and feed in tariff applications, and several weeks later further enhanced the heating system at my request. In my view, MSC Heating have proven to be trusted, reliable in their support and excellent in the quality of the work they produce. I look forward to our ongoing relationship over the lifetime of the products MSC Heating have installed at our home.

Jan Hertz Hannington, Tadley, Hampshire

After a successful install of our Air Source Heat Pump I decided to follow up with the Solar PV Panels. Once again MSC Heating sorted everything out without any fuss and another job well done. Highly Recommended!

Ian Jones Wrexham

We had MSC install our heat pumps for heating for our home, Solar Thermal Hot Water on our main roof. We had a big back garden so we wanted to use this for our little mini-Solar PV Farm. MSC was the most completive quote we had and because they did such a great job of the work in our home we chose them to carry it out. They did all the planning consent, talking to the national grid and organised all the ground works needed. We grow a lot of vegetable's but now we are growing Electricity. We would be happy to show any customers round our home and show you how outstanding MSC Heating are.

Mr Flinch Gloucestershire

So glad I am off the oil and so glad MSC were the company I went with to install my heat pump. The Engineers took 2 days and did a very clean, thorough, excellent job. The installer's knew there stuff. Solar PV is the next step and MSC team will be doing it.

Mr Yates Peterborough

Really glad I went with MSC Heating. The lads did a great job and the system is all up and running. Looking forward to cheaper heating and hot water. I am glad that I have had my gas boiler removed, as I feel imported gas will be very expensive in the years to come. I will be making a call to my gas supplier to remove the gas meter and I will be purely electric and will not have to pay a standing charge just for having a gas meter. So I am really thinking that my next stage is to have Solar PV installed so running the Air Source Heat Pump would be very minimal. My house will be very efficient and now I will not be scared of putting the central heating on.

Ian Jones Wrexham

The video of me on the MSC Heating You Tube Channel shows how happy I am with my Biomass Boiler and my 4KW Solar PV system. Over the moon.

Mr Wane Crewe

The MSC team have performed an outstanding service, helping us to iron out the expected issues surrounding fitment of cutting edge technology to a 900 year old property. The whole team have been friendly and polite throughout. As an engineering project/programme manager of the largest aerospace manufacturing company in the world, I would not hesitate recommending MSC to anyone and would welcome them on my team of engineers any day!

James Nash Andover

From the begin to the end the service provided by MSC has been outstanding, initially we were hesitant, due to the costing's, however once the staff explained the selection of tariffs and the benefits of Solar Panels, we agreed. It took from signing the contract, to seeing the electricity meter with amazement going backwards while the washing machine and kettle were on, less than a week. All Staff were knowledgeable, trustworthy and a pleasure to have working in your home. Many thanks MSC for all your hard work. My lovely house in Crewe is a little electricity power station. P.S. just remember if you have MSC in to buy tonnes of Tea!

Mrs Roberts Crewe

Great installation of our Climavenetta Air Source Heat Pumps the underfloor heating is working a dream. Your installation engineer was very helpful and knowledgeable. The building has taken the Green Route.

Mr Simon Kingston-upon-Thames

Thanks guys, keep the good work up!

Mrs keld Orpington kent

Thank you MSC for installing our big Kingspan solar thermal array to provide plenty of free hot water for our student apartment's. Great job and a 1st class service.

Hardeep property Lemington Spa

Thanks guys, you have done a great job of installing our new Eko Warrior Air Source pump Job, also looks like you have made me famous! All the views from people watching my testimony video on the MSC Heating Youtube channel.

Mr Kevin Brinkworth Wiltshire

Lovely job, thank you guys, I had doubts with the original installers who I nearly had to the job, glad I went with MSC. They are an excellent Renewable Energy Company.

Mrs Geri Norfolk

Most Renewable Energy companies that came to my house, did not listen, they wanted to install my Kingspan Aeromax Air source Heat Pump, where it made it easier for them. Only MSC Heating listened to my requirements, as I wanted it installed at the top of the Garden. The other companies did not seem as knowledgeable as the MSC guys and I think the other companies just wanted to throw in, take the money and run. MSC are a really a thoughtful outstanding company. They also installed my Solar Thermal Hot Water System. They are both working like a dream.

Mr White Worcestershire

Great company to work with 1st class, they installed our Solar Thermal Hot Water, Underfloor Heating and our 3 Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps. Excellent standard of work provided and we our now happy doing our bit for the planet. Plus making great energy savings.

Mattravers School Wiltshire

MSC Heating installed an Air Sourced Heat Pump at our cottage in November 2013. It was great to see a company that they turned up on time to start. They worked diligently to remove the old oil fired boiler and kept clearing up as they worked, there was a lot to do over 2 days. Despite the upheaval to the cottage when MSC left the place was spotless and everthing was working as it should be. Nothing was too much trouble and I would recommend MSC Heating to anyone considering this type of work.

Michael Grantham Norfolk

I had a big energy company install my original Air Source Heat Pumps over a year ago, from day one they have never worked. I called MSC Heating to help me with my system. We ended up removing the old heat pumps as they were installed incorrectly and had never worked right. Now I am very happy as the system MSC Heating have installed is working like a dream. This company went the extra mile as I am a business man myself they really are a professional company. I be willing to talk to any prospective customers who are thinking of having MSC Heating in to do any work, to tell them how great they are.

Mr Rowan Tewkesbury

MSC Heating team were pleasant and knowledgeable They did a great job, removing our old boiler and water tank, tiding up the pipework and resiting the new water tank. Pipework was relaid and the new air source system was connected from a new location with no noticeable disturbance to flooring. MSC Heating team turned up promptly each day and didn't leave (even with a slight issue on a valve) until the new system was working correctly (circa 8pm on the final day). From our side, the whole process was slick and well managed. A pleasure to deal with.

Mark & Caryn Smith Swindon

After some deliberation we had MSC heating complete the survey, fit, installation and commissioning of an ECO-Warrior Air Source Heat Pump. The installers were courteous and polite, nothing was too much trouble for MSC Heating team. They demonstrated an excellent knowledge and expertise in their profession. Their work was neat and tidy and they consulted with us to confirm the equipment positions as recommended at the survey. They turned up at the agreed time and date after delivery of all the necessary equipment prior to their arrival. The necessary paperwork was provided and assistance given to complete it. They responded to any questions after completion without delays. The system is now fully commissioned and working. Thanks to MSC Heating team. We would not hesitate to recommend this Company and team to anyone wanting to invest in either a renewable heating system or boiler upgrade.

Cliff & Jenny Surfleet Lincoln

We were very pleased with how all the guys worked from start to finish. We would recommend them to anyone. The Solar Thermal works great.

Mr and Mrs Brychan Swansea

I am very pleased with the installation of my air source heat pump central heating system, it produces plenty of hot water and heating and I am looking to save some money over the next few years. The installation team were very professional and competent and carried out the work with the least amount of disruption. They also cleaned up every day before leaving site I would recommend this system to anyone.

Mr North Lincoln

We had many quotes from different companies only MSC Heating showed us the expertise and gave us the professional touch. Our Solar Thermal hot water and Solar PV have future proofed are house from ever rising energy bills. I would like to thank the MSC Heating team.

Mr & Mrs O'Conner Essex

The Solar PV and Solar Thermal Hot Water was installed by such an outstanding company MSC Heating I would recommend there services.

Mrs Holden Telford


Mrs Deatha Cider Farm South Wales

Solar thermal heating was installed to many council properties throughout England and Wales by company we made a partnership with MSC Heating, Excellent team.

Sam Bailey Skyrad Ltd

Thank you MSC heating for our installation completed over two days. The driving Lesson might make more sense with the instruction book in one hand! Good cleaning-up job too.

Mr & Mrs Davis Guildford

We found MSC Heating to be an excellent installer for our Worcester Bosch Air to Air heat pump. The engineer and his assistant arrived on time and completed the installation in one visit. We would recommend this company to any potential customer.

Roger Peers Leamington Spa

MSC Heating installed my 12kW EKO Warrior air source heat pump for are brand new workshops, also they installed the underfloor heating. Excellent, quality and an absolute great company to have any Renewable Energy Technology installed by.

Mr Simon AB Dynamics Bradford on Avon