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The Eko Warrior

Reasons to Consider Installing Eko Warrior Heat Pumps

If you’re looking for a trusted, tried and tested brand of heat pump to supply your property with a constant supply of sustainable and environmentally friendly heat energy, you need look no further than the Eko Warrior heat pump range.

With a track record of success that dates back almost a decade, the range produced by Eko Warrior features several different models, with some suited to domestic applications, while others are more geared towards meeting the more demanding requirements commonly experienced in commercial spaces.

MSC Heating is one of the UK’s most reputable installation contractors of this brand of heat pump and while they more than compete with other major brands in terms of performance, they are often significantly cheaper to install. So whether you’re a homeowner, property developer, landlord or business owner, the Eko Warrior heat pump line has something for you.

An Introduction to the Eko Warrior Heat Pump

The heating system with these heat pumps is split into two parts; an exterior part and an interior part. Copper wire and electric cable runs between these units to connect the system and make it functional, with the exterior section tasked with actually extracting and collecting the heat energy from the outside air, with the interior section responsible for actually transferring the heat and making your radiators run hot. This set-up means that the water used inside your heating system never has to leave your property, eliminating the risk of freezing completely, which can lead to a range of other significant problems.

The Advantage of a Split Heating System

Many home heating systems of this kind use a single exterior unit rather than the split system that the Eko Warrior Heat Pump uses. Consequently, the water running through the pipes must leave your property (and the warmth inside it) to go outside and through the unit to then be fed back inside your property and it’s radiators. The sheer length that the water has to travel, combined with the fact that it goes outdoors, can have a serious impact upon the system’s efficiency of operation, causing heat loss and higher energy bills.

The Other Big Advantage of Eko Warrior Heat Pumps

Curious as to what this advantage actually is? Well it’s called R410A refrigerant and it helps to reduce the amount you spend on repairs and maintenance over the lifetime of your heating system, since it prevents the likelihood of mold and fungal growth (which can lead to a wide range of different problems), due to the low temperature of the refrigerant. It is also more effective in terms of transferring heat, is not harmful to the environment and does not need periodically topping up.

Tired of the heating bills preventing you from going on holiday or buying items that you desire but can’t afford? It’s time to change all that with the installation of an Eko Warrior heat pump, which uses a completely sustainable energy source. For more information or to arrange an onsite consultation with one of our experienced heating contractors, get in touch with MSC Heating today on 0345 496 7041.