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Kingspan Solar Thermal

Kingspan Renewables is committed to providing world-leading, efficient and cost effective solutions to satisfy today’s environmental concerns. Kingspan Group is a leading manufacturer of a range of sustainable products for the construction industry including environmental and renewable fuel & water storage solutions and hot water systems.

Kingspan Renewables are committed to solar thermal and heat pumps solutions

Kingspan’s strategic move towards low and zero carbon technologies includes solar thermal (vacuum tube or flat plate) hot water package solutions, solar cooling solutions, solar photovoltaic (thin film tandem) systems and air source heat pumps, all of which are suitable for new or existing building integration

Solar Thermal as a totally integrated system from Kingspan Renewables

Kingspan provides a range of renewable energy solutions including Solar Thermal Systems delivering up to 70% of a buildings hot water for space and water heating. This is supplied as a total packages for building integration and user operation and is available with either vacuum tube or flat plate solar thermal collector panels.

Aeromax Plus Air Source Heat Pump Solutions fron Kingspan Renewables

Aeromax plus heat pumps use natural heat from the air outside to provide central heating (underfloor heating or traditional radiators) and/or hot water for your home. Highly efficient, the units are compact and easy to install. Incredibly quiet, they require virtually no maintenance.

MSC Heating are approved Kingspan installers for its renewables product range

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