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Saving you Money

How Heat Pumps Save You Money

Heat transfer pumps can be used to create a renewable energy central heating and cooling system for your home that offers the magic combination of environmentally friendly energy and cheaper utility bills.

One of the main sticking points that dramatically slowed the adoption of renewable energy systems in previous years – in both domestic and commercial properties – was the fact that most of them cost far more to install than one could ever hope to recoup through lower heating bills. However, ground & air source heat pumps managed to buck this trend, making them enormously popular with eco-friendly home and business owners who were also keen to save money.

Conventional Energy Sources in the United Kingdom

The reason so many people are interested in alternative sources of energy is because they know how much damage existing ones are causing. In the UK, we are almost completely reliant on fossil fuels. The breakdown of energy sources used in our country is as follows:

  • 33% – Oil
  • 30% – Coal
  • 24% – Gas
  • 5% – Hydro Electricity
  • 5% – Nuclear Power
  • 2% – Natural Energy

From these figures, you can quickly deduce that 87% of our energy still comes from fossil fuels; a staggering 30% of which comes from what is considered as the dirtiest fossil fuel of them all – gas. A scant 2% of our energy requirements are currently being met by natural, renewable sources but you could help to change that by having heat pumps fitted in your home.

How Efficient Are Heat Pumps?

The best models on the market are up to 400% energy efficient. To put this in simple terms, they create 4 kilowatts of heat energy for every kilowatt of electrical energy they consume.

How Much Money Could You Save?

Putting government subsidies and finance schemes to one side for a moment (which make heat pumps even more attractive in the UK), studies have shown that installing heat transfer pumps in a domestic property can reduce annual utility bills by anywhere between 30% and 70%. Furthermore, the pumps have a useful lifespan roughly three times that of the average boiler, meaning that it will be much longer before you have to think about paying to have them replaced.

Will They Work in My Home?

Now we have established that they are cleaner and cheaper to run than conventional systems, the next thing most people want to know is whether they are a practical option in their property. The answer to this question is almost always yes. Heat transfer pumps work by drawing heat from the air and ground, which is present everywhere, and transferring it to your home. Because they can be integrated into existing central heating systems featuring hot water radiators, they are a practical option for almost all homes in the country.


Heat pumps can help you to reduce carbon emissions and save money on utility bills at the same time, making the decision to install them a no brainer as far as most people are concerned.